New Painting And No Title

JUNE 2012

What’s The Title?

Choosing a title for a painting is one of the hardest decisions, at least for me it is. Sometimes it can turn into the most difficult part of the painting process.  Most of the time, titles have already been established before the painting begins but sometimes there is a total block and in most cases I don’t have the patients to come up with one.

Last month while I was at an art exhibit I completed a  “Photo Enhancement” painting from a photograph.    When I brought it home, I set it out where it was centrally located in my home.  Passing by it, thoughts of a title came and went.  Frustrated, I decided to have a contest on my “Facebook” page, (Art By Pam O’Brien Doan).  I gave everyone a week to fill my mind with titles so I could choose one.  Whoever won the contest received an 8″ x 10″ Giclee print of the painting.  Great titles came in and by the end of the week I had my winner.  He was from Wisconsin and I had my title with other possible titles for future paintings related to the subject.

The painting is an “Enhancement” from my original photography of my flowers from last summer. It was chosen for the brilliance in color and contrast.  The sun was hitting the flowers and their counterparts, (leaves, stems) so brilliantly, it just popped!  On the right side however there was a shadowed space and I wanted to balance the photo out with some type of subject. “A perfect place for a rabbit” I thought.

The photo was then printed on canvas.  I sealed it with a clear coat and painted over 99% of the print adding in flowers and stems and deleting some areas to give it a balance.  Shadowing, giving it more depth and enhancing the colors, sketching in the rabbit with a small paint brush, painting him, and completed with a final clear coat.

“Enhanced Photograph Original, Medium: Acrylic, Size:  16″x 20 “

Title: “Garden Secrets”


My Contribution to Educare Africa


April 12, 2012

Attending an arts and craft show in Albany, OR one year I had the pleasure of meeting an exhibitor who had her booth next to mine. Large photographs, greeting cards and clothing displayed in her booth of African animals was obviously an attraction to me. After meeting Pavla, however, I had a better view of what she was about.

In 2000, after serving three years in the Peace Corps as a volunteer teacher in a secondary school in Cameroon, Africa, Pavla set out to continue her efforts to help the children of Cameroon. She founded Educare Africa. She is tireless in this effort to help these children get the basic needs for their education. (Learn more about Educare Africa here.)

I wanted to help Pavla’s effort and my contribution to Educare Africa will be a series of African wildlife paintings.

Just completed, and titled, “The Giraffe’s of Tarangire National Park”, an original oil painting 16h x 20w.

During her trip to Cameroon in 2009 Pavla had the opportunity to photograph wildlife of the area.  Here, I’ve taken one of Pavla’s photographs and sketched in two additional giraffe’s she had photographed.  A natural depiction of Africa with native Baobab trees in the background as Giraffe’s pass through the tall dry grass.

Limited Giclee Prints of 250 will be available on Acid Free Paper.  50% of sales will be contributed to Educare Africa.  To order your print please download our printable ORDER FORM we have provided. Sorry, but we have to keep this transaction separate from our PayPal service.  Specify TITLE AND PRICE and include shipping details for Name, Address etc.   Print your order out and send it in with your check.  Your print will be sent upon arrival of your order request and processing of your check.  You will receive along with your print, a Certificate of Authenticity, the number of the print, date, and signature of the artist.   And, we thank you….

 16h x 20w – $135.00

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