I’ve done commission work for more than 40 years.  Most of my subjects have been horses but other subjects include homes, portraits, seascapes, landscapes and wildlife.  I’m a realistic painter but will enhance or change the design to meet my clients wishes.  I look forward to commission work and now have the opportunity to show clients the progress of their painting online.
To accomplish the quality and character of an animal we start with good clear photographs.  It is a must.
A good angle of the animal showing features, fur, good color all go hand in hand.  I study the photograph and the information you give me about your pet, (dog, cat, horse, bird etc). I want to know his/her habits, what type of temperament they have and their naughty side. The more I know the easier it is to capture that personality.  As soon as I feel the character of the animal, I’m immediately connected to their soul you might say and it is then that I will tag their personality by painting in their eyes so I can connect with them while I finish their features. To me they are there with me following the journey to completion.
Oil or Acrylics may be one of your choices for a painting of your pet.  

I’ve chosen below some commissions I’ve done in the past.  Some in which the photo’s were very hard to do because of size, and clarity.

1. All In The Family

2. Barney

3. Salem Endurance Ride

4. Les In Costume

5. Homestead In Central Oregon

Photograph Of Homestead

6. Riding Point


7. Photo Of Panda


8. 1954 Ford

Photo 1.  Painted in Oil on a 24″ circular saw.  I had to use gloves to handle it.  2. Barny was the apple of his masters eye. So loyal and so sweet. He was a traveler with his mom and dad.  Broke my heart when I heard he had passed away last year.  3.  Original photo was 2″w x 3″h and black and white.  I painted it in Acrylic and size was 14″w x 16″h.  4.  Again, photo was old, small and faded.  5.  My client asked me to reproduce this working farm located in Central Oregon.  Her father and mother were included along with their family pets and farm animals.  Painted in Oil. Size: 38″w x 36″h. 6.  Client also wanted a western stagecoach in his landscape.  7.  Panda is a character but very protective of his master and his home.  “The jealous type” too.  He has to let everyone know he’s on watch 24/7.  8.  One summer my client drove his 1954 Ford Customline to Vancouver, BC.  The photograph was digitally printed on canvas.  I then painted over the entire print image to enhance it.  We chose Acrylics as the medium. The final size was 14″h x 18″w. I used “airbrush” techniques to produce a showroom effect by casting reflection of the car in the foreground.  I asked for detailed photo’s of the hood ornament, and logo insignias.


9 X 12 $175.00 $195.00 Price reflects one animal portrait.
12 X 16 $245.00 $270.00 Add $100.00 per additional animal.
14 X 18 $325.00 $365.00  
16 X 20 $425.00 $475.00 Contact us for exact quote.
18 X 24 $525.00 $625.00  
20 X 24 $1,200.00    
24 X 28 $2,500.00    


When Ordering A Commissioned Painting

If you want to ask us more questions about a commission, you may contact us through our Contact Page.  You may send us your photo through our e-mail service or through the mail.   Your commission will begin when the financial transaction is completed and we receive the funds.   We have a form for you to print out and send in with your check.   Purchases must be handled through U.S. currency only.  Shipping charges will be included in our price.  If, for some reason your not satisfied with your commission you may send it back to us and your money will then be returned.


All images are Copyright protected and may not be used without the expressed permission of the artist.  Images may not be reproduced in any manner.  No printing, no graphic altering electronically or by hand, no electronic transferring or duplicating .  All rights reserved by Pam O’Brien Doan.  All of my clients commissioned art renderings may not be duplicated.  Copyright of clients art rendering is retained by the artist Pam O’Brien Doan.  Anyone wanting to use my photography or artwork for commercial purposes may contact me.  All Terms above are bound legally by law.

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