Welcome.  At the moment I have a low inventory of originals for sale.  However there is a number of Limited Prints and Open Prints available from my originals.

My wildlife subject is diverse and enjoy painting domestic animals as well.

To purchase an ITEM, please contact me through my CONTACT PAGE and I’ll get right back to you.



  Thick underbrush, rugged mountains and icy blue lakes. Damp, heavy laden moss covering trees and blanketing the forest floor.   So quiet, so moist, so fresh.  A breeze picks up and passes through the canopy of the old growth.  The branches sway with a soft whooshing sound.   My scenes are created from memories when I used to hike, ride horses, and camp in the Central Cascade range.  When painting the scenes it’s a calming and peaceful place to enjoy.

Title: Autumn Song,  ORIGINAL Medium: Oil on Acid Free Masters Choice Canvas. Size: 22 x 28. Sun brakes through the rising fog. He steps quietly to the edge of the still water and with a high pitch he bugles. The season of the rut begins. Limited Giclee Prints Available. Item#ORAS112

Title: Bugle Boy,  ORIGINAL   Medium: Oil On Acid Free Masters Choice Canvas. Size: 18 x 24. Dry limbs crack under the pounding hooves of this bull. He charges through the trees and bugles to first light of morning. Limited Giclee Prints Available. Item#ORBB212  (SOLD)

Title: Morning Call,  ORIGINAL  Medium: Oil on Acid Free Masters Choice Canvas. Size: 24x 36. Deep in the dense forest there’s a chill in the fall air. Morning sun rays arc their way through old growth timber. He raises his head and his chest expands and bugles his first call. Limited Giclee Prints Available. Item#ORMC312

The Glendoveer Squirrel.  ORIGINAL PHOTO PRINT ENHANCEMENT  A lover of peanuts, he was waiting for a handout when I walked by him at the Glendoveer Golf Course in Portland, OR. An original photograph. I had it printed on canvas, sealed it and painted over 95% of it with oil paint and sealed it again with a protective coating. Glendoveer Squirrel is also available as a Giclee Print.  Size: 14″w x 18″h. Item#ORGS3A12

Giraffe’s of Tarangire National Park”,  ORIGINAL –  Medium: Oil, Size: 16h x 20w. A natural depiction of Africa with native Baobab trees in the background as Giraffe’s pass through the tall dry grass. Limited Giclee Prints of 250 are available on Acid Free Paper. Item# ORGOT3B12.



For more information about Giclee Print Enhancement, I’ve included the complete process and examples under Photo Enhancement Process.



TITLE: Fairview Poppies,  ORIGINAL  PHOTO PRINT ENHANCEMENT See topic for details and examples of original photographs taken by the artist. SIZE: 16h x 20w Medium: Oil Item#OP1312  Item# ORFP512

New Series Of Floral From Hawaii

Flowers abound in accentuating color and fragrance.  Aquatic life display their shape and color.  A series begins with two originals.  Open Giclee Prints are Available.

Title: Yellow Hibiscus,   ORIGINAL,  Medium: Oil Size: 12 x 12 Original: $125.00. Gorgeous rich yellow Hibiscus. The plant was heavy with blooms and laying on the ground. Giclee Prints Available. Item#ORYH712

Title: Bird Of Paradise,  ORIGINAL Medium: Oil Size: 12 x 12. A beautiful pair captured during my trip to Hawaii. Giclee Prints Available. Item#ORBOP612

Bird Of Paradise and Yellow Hibiscus are sold.  Open Giclee Prints available.






All images are Copyright protected and may not be used without the expressed permission of the artist.  Images may not be reproduced in any manner.  No printing, no graphic altering electronically or by hand, no electronic transferring or duplicating .  All rights reserved by Pam O’Brien Doan.  All of my clients commissioned art renderings may not be duplicated.  Copyright of clients art rendering is retained by the artist Pam O’Brien Doan.  Anyone wanting to use my photography or artwork for commercial purposes may contact me.  All Terms above are bound legally by law.



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