Oil. During my years as a graphic designer and commercial artist my work demanded fine detail. It has been a long time since I had any work such as this type. The commission was a challenge indeed. The difference between my past work for this style was the medium I used. For commercial artwork that had to be done (quick) to make media deadlines was in most cases done in acrylics. Acrylics being a water base paint dried quickly. My client wanted oil. Patience was to play a big part in this commission. This was a 24” x 36” painting. My client lived in Alaska and he was retiring from his business do to poor health. He was passing the business on to his son and wanted a painting for his office. He wanted a portrait of himself which the photo sent to me of him didn’t have him smiling and his daughter asked to put a smile on his face which I did.
In order to give proper highlighting I had to let my oil dry after each layer of paint applied. Each time brought out more brilliance. It was a very slow process. I had to use templates which had been quite some time since I used them and it wasn’t a pentagraph pen I was using but a double ought brush.

My client sent many photos of his trucks but I had to do some research for the specific town landscape and his truck yard photos was in late spring with snow still on the ground. The mountains surrounded his location which was a perfect setting.

This was a commission that brought back the memories of a time when everything was done mostly by hand and certainly not like today. However it was an enjoyable challenge.

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