Ruby Do and Amber


Oil. Up to date now with the latest commission. I had so many photo’s to choose from on this particular project. (Ruby Do) on the left and (Amber) on right. Amber was the mother to Ruby Do who was 10 and passed on due to cancer. I had the pleasure of meeting Amber the mother. Unfortunately Amber also passed away four weeks later. It breaks my heart when I learn of each pet passing.

This is the first time I decided to show (on the scene and live). Was asked if I could do something like that as clients and other’s wanted to watch. A little shy and certainly no expert at it. Very amateur I’m afraid.

Basically as I started I kept my clients up to date with the progress and let them know if there was anything they wanted changed or added to let me know.

Finishing all my paintings I take time to photograph them and study the photograph for balance, color, continuity, and all the aspects that go into the painting and the subjects. Then I look at the painting through a mirror. It’s a check of balance to see if something is out of place or if there is too much here or there and a check for highlighting, shadowing of less or more. If I’ve made any additions/corrections I again take a photograph. After this process I realized the painting had too much foliage in the foreground, (front). I decided to take out the HENS AND CHICKS plants which were almost centered in the foreground. Sometimes less is better and in this case I added more grass in front to the end of the canvas. It worked. I then set it aside and went on about daily business. After a week or two, I return to the painting and it really helped put things into perspective. It’s like looking from outside the box you might say. Things really jump out if they aren’t right and of course you do have other people viewing it as well. That really helps. By this time I was confident in saying it was done. It was finished, I let it go and sometimes THAT, is hard to do.

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