The Boyz


Oil. The Boyz as they were called, the two front ones and their matriarch Younger filled my heart with attachment.
My client asked for fall leaves to surround them and with just the leaves it wouldn’t work. At the beginning I positioned (Younger) subject for balance. I am not one to sketch all details in at first. The other two dogs, (Willie, the black) and (WayVer the yellow Lab) followed later. Younger and the background began first. I had to have a “theme” type background as Younger had passed on. I painted a theme of infinity with depth and added a soft overlay of mist with my airbrush. I created a background layer after layer of leaves and with blue.

When you look at a photo or the outdoors, stop and see if you can see the reflection of blue. I had a student one time who I asked, “What do you see in the colors of the landscapes?” “Greens, browns, some yellows and some reds.” he said. “Don’t you see blue?” I asked. “No.” Our sun gives us the light to see all the colors of the rainbow on our landscape but, our sky reflects its color onto the ecosystem. There is blue on our earth. Every blade of grass, trees, fields, mountains water, our buildings from our sky. Our earth cannot give us all the beautiful colors. Our sun and sky reflects its scattered wavelengths throughout the atmosphere creating a beautiful spectrum of colors of blue. It’s a melody of beauty isn’t it. How beautiful and wondrous our world is.

My painting began with one of three dogs. Younger A Golden Retriever who passed away in 2011. She was a gentle, loving and tolerant soul. She recorded 260 visits as a Therapy Dog, (TD). Her impact was a wonder to watch. She taught Willy and WayVer and her spirit lives on through them.

It was a long journey with this commission and hard to let go.

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